Succession Management Transforms Global Leadership Readiness

Outsourcing talent management programs to TalentMinders is an efficient and cost-effective way to produce measurable performance results. Browse the case study below to learn how we helped an industry leader achieve business goals.

Business Challenge

Blue chip multinational pursuing new global growth strategy and needing new generation of leaders capable of facing unique, complex challenges at all levels; needing to reduce risks associated with not having successors for top three layers in company

Business Need

  • Enterprise-wide succession planning tool to grow leadership bench strength; to drive business results; ensure competitiveness; a CEO priority, globally
  • Ensure company has the right leadership with the right competencies in the right place at the right time – readiness that matches the company’s business growth plans
  • Minimize external recruitment for leadership roles thereby reducing costs and bolstering career advancement and retention of talent
  • Install system that provides pool of talent available for mobilization at short notice depending on business needs

Business Solution

  • Introduced system for evaluating organizational effectiveness and leadership potential, managing development of emerging leaders and succession planning; selected appropriate technology application to facilitate global execution
  • Instilled ownership for managing succession and having ready-now successors by aligning expectations with performance targets, management development programs, leadership assessment, leadership competencies and Corporate Scorecard and Guiding Principles
  • Designed system as on-going, integrated process starting with performance reviews (including achievement of individual development plans) then succession planning, leadership development and regularly scheduled organization/talent reviews – a 12-month strategic effort

Business Outcomes

  • Common language, process, structure and metrics aimed at identifying, assessing and building global leaders installed; aligned with strategic workforce and business planning
  • Leadership pipeline trending favorably; over 12 month period moved from 0% to 50% of Executive Committee members and 56% of Executive Committee direct reports (EC – 1 level) having an identified successor Ready in 1 -2 Years or sooner; metrics introduced to keep momentum and achieve future succession targets
  • Management recruitment costs reduced by 80% over same period; also, accelerated transition and productivity times for new job holders, as they were promoted from within and familiar with the business
  • Heightened awareness of value of succession planning in influencing business outcomes and greater sense of urgency for developing leadership talent

“Andrew’s strategic counsel about leadership and succession planning both challenged my views and helped promote continuous growth of talent and ready-now successors.  During this time, he also implemented a host of leadership development programs, a performance management system and succession planning thereby significantly improving business potential.”

Executive Vice President, Blue Chip Medical Device Company