Leadership Institute Promotes Sustainable Global Leadership Pipeline

Outsourcing talent management programs to TalentMinders is an efficient and cost-effective way to produce measurable performance results. Browse the case study below to learn how we helped an industry leader achieve business goals.

Business Challenge

Blue chip multinational pursuing new global growth strategy and needing new generation of leaders capable of facing unique, complex challenges

Business Need

  • Ensure company has the right leadership with the right competencies in the right place at the right time – readiness that matches the company’s global growth plans
  • Establish globally aligned approach for developing newly appointed, mid and senior levels of management using all modes of delivery, including technology, to balance the quality of training with the cost of delivery
  • Introduce leading edge strategic leadership development programs designed to meet specific individual, business unit, and corporate needs consistent with human capital planning and business strategy
  • Determine metrics and link approach to career development, performance management, succession planning and business strategy to maximize value and achieve future leadership needs
  • Create virtual leadership ‘Academy’ or ‘Institute’ providing a framework for delivering consistent and quality programs, tools and resources; brand as reflection of the commitment to executing a sustainable leadership pipeline

Business Solution

Leadership ‘Institute’ development platform established with the following characteristics:

  • Program design linked to strategic leadership competency model; differentiates ‘management’ from ‘leadership’ development
  • Programs offered centrally (regional or global) in English or locally in local language depending on content
  • Programs developed and led by internal experts and/or business consultants and/or business school faculty
  • Programs vary in length from 4 hours to 10 months and rely on a myriad of blended learning techniques and technology
  • Institute framework provides continuous learning and development
  • ROI metrics drive value; continuous improvement is a priority

Institute programs and services included:

  1. Organization / leadership development consulting (on demand)
  2. Meeting facilitation / manager training (on demand)
  3. Key competency development / alignment / maintenance
  4. Leadership 360 degree feedback (company-specific) / coaching / career counseling
  5. High Potential and executive assessment / stretch assignments / global mobility
  6. Succession management (Leadership Review Process – LRP) / leadership development planning / execution (Leadership Development Planning – LDP)
  7. Mentorship program management / maintenance
  8. Leadership seminars (creation / management / measurement / maintenance):
    1. New Manager Series (selection of programs  to support transition to manager  role)
    2. Leadership 1: Leading the Way
    3. Leadership 2: Leading the Enterprise
    4. Leadership 3: Strategic Leadership
    5. Leadership 4: Sustaining Growth in Leadership
    6. Global Leadership Conference

Illustration below shows principal offerings

Business Outcomes

  • Enhanced employer brand attracting higher caliber talent
  • Significant reduction in voluntary, “regrettable” high potential turnover
  • Improved management of individuals, teams and performance targets
  • Succession readiness significantly enhanced at all leadership levels
  • Stronger networking and cross-division, cross-country cooperation; elimination of barriers
  • Heightened employee engagement as reflected in surveys
  • Increased global efficiency and effectiveness at all levels
  • Revenue increase year-on-year to record levels

The Regional President had the following comment and observation in response to business Outcomes:

“We have achieved many improvements in this period in aligning our management style and structure, focused on people and career opportunities, conducted several internal and external trainings which have made us that much stronger and also made EMEA more efficient and effective.

The proof of you and your team’s efforts is amply demonstrated in the vast improvements noted in almost every element of the Business Engagement Survey results for EMEA. In every country we have made tremendous progress acknowledged by our staff and are well on our way to become the preferred choice employer.” – March 2010

TLV Kumar, President EMEA Region, Kinetic Concepts Inc.