TalentMinders Recognizes Common Pitfalls to Talent Management

Posted on April 3, 2011 by andrewzak No Comments

TalentMinders brings a world of practical and tested experience to clients. Our focus is not based on theoretical models but rather on real world, practical and tested solutions that bring measured value to any business or organization.

Many articles, books, research and organizational feedback have attested to the fact that often times human capital strategies fall short on delivering business value; also, that workforce development strategies fail to deliver measured business results or support organizational development plans; and succession management systems, while on paper carry names, in practice fail to deliver a leadership pipeline that carries value, accountability and sustainable organizational readiness for future growth – so often times more a leadership “pipedream” than a pipleline; all of this, despite best intentions.

TalentMinders offers business consulting that recognizes these common pitfalls and helps clients to implement practical best practice solutions that offer measured value. Take your business to new heights with TalentMinders’ expertise and tested experience.

For additional information, please send inquiries to andrewjzak@talentminders.com or telephone +1 (210) 478-9436.

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