TalentMinders Welcomes New Global Partner

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Link-up Consulting partners with business leaders to build high performing teams, to grow their people to be the best they can be and to become a leader that people line up to work for.

Our goal? For the rest of your organisation to look at your team and say, “We want what they’re having.”

Our programs are totally tailored to your objectives and we can help you tackle any team development challenge, from getting a new team to ‘gel’, or helping your team achieve a particularly challenging target, or getting your team and people to ‘step up’, to fast-tracking your future leaders, or simply sorting out the people issues that so often get in the way of getting the job done.

Link-up Consulting uses the I.D. System™, created by Paul Burgess, founder and CEO, as the framework for everything we do. The system is based on the Instinctive Drives™ or I.D.™, a revolutionary tool that goes beyond personality and behaviour to uncover instinct, drive and motivation – I.D. gets straight to the heart of what makes a person tick. Find out more

We always start by completing the I.D. of the leader and each member of the team, but our focus as consultants is to meet the business objectives of the leader – using I.D. just means we have a really fast, efficient and effective way of getting there. Along the way, you and your people will learn so much more than you envisaged at the outset – one of the reasons why our relationships with our clients typically develop into valued, long-term partnerships.

For more information, visit Link-up Consulting International at http://www.linkupconsulting.com.au

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