Performance Coaching Workshop Promotes Culture of Accountability

Outsourcing talent management programs to TalentMinders is an efficient and cost-effective way to produce measurable performance results. Browse the case study below to learn how we helped an industry leader achieve business goals.

Business Challenge

Business growth strategy calling for greater global performance-based culture and accountability for results; recommending change in appraisal process, structures, skills and mindset concerning performance management

Business Need

Develop new manager development program to support launch of new global performance management system; support change management and drive adoption of new performance management system

Business Solution

New development program created with reference to best practices and engagement of business leaders across organization.  Program objectives included:

  • Appreciate how the appraisal can be an effective coaching and communication tool
  • Understand the company annual appraisal process – structures and process guidelines
  • Understand performance coaching skills and techniques for conducting effective appraisals
  • Gain experience with performance coaching through role-plays, video and constructive feedback

Business  Outcomes

  • New process and training improved quality of performance assessment and management
  • Higher value attributed to performance management in achieving business plans; took the exercise more seriously and devoted more quality time to drive value
  • Employees motivated by approach, greater sense of partnering with manager in planning/managing performance and attention to personal development and coaching
  • Performance coaching associated with leadership effectiveness and quality as opposed to being an administrative task; dramatic change and impact on performance results and employee engagement