Change Management Drives Adoption of Global Matrix Structure

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Business Challenge

New matrix structure considered difficult to manage causing conflict in manager loyalty, poor communications and confusion over work responsibilities, priorities and ownership; decision-making ability, individual/team performance, service operations, employee engagement and business planning all negatively impacted

Business Need

Execute a change management program to facilitate transition to new matrix structure; sensitize organization about new opportunities and benefits of a matrix structure; learn how to leverage the matrix to achieve greater efficiency, effectiveness and market responsiveness

Business Solution

Partnering with company President and Executive Committee designed and executed strategic change management intervention.  Objectives included:

  • Drive awareness of the matrix model and review best practices
  • Understand changes to selected roles and responsibilities
  • Learn key behaviors and skills for success
  • Emphasize positive outcomes and change
  • Reduce ambiguity and potential conflict

The target audience included managers and selected employees who were directly impacted by the matrix organization structure with dual line reporting line accountability.  In addition to this workshop, a condensed communication package was made available to leaders in order to cascade the high-level messaging to those managers and employees indirectly impacted by the matrix.

Lastly, competencies considered essential for success operating in the company’s matrix organization were defined and integrated with key people processes, including talent acquisition, training and development, performance management, succession planning and total rewards ensuring a sustainable accountability for change across the organization

Business Outcomes

Introduced groundbreaking change management initiative that led to enterprise-wide adoption of the new matrix structure, heightened morale, retention of key employees and an increase in overall service levels over 12 month period.  Key contributions included:

  • Voluntary, “regrettable”, employee turnover decreased by 40%
  • Employee engagement metrics increased by record levels across all relevant parameters
  • 17% revenue growth over period

Feedback from a sampling of business leaders regarding this workshop, included:

  • “Previously, we learned what a matrix is; today, we learned how to operate effectively within a matrix.”
    (Regional Finance Director, Global Medical Device Leader)
  • “I now have a clear direction on how to cascade information about matrix management to the whole organization.”
    (Regional VP/Business Unit Head, Global Medical Device Leader)
  • “To reinforce the right behaviors, it is essential that we roll out the same initiative across all countries and regions to make sure that we’re on the same page.”
    (Jason Gugliuzza, Vice President Marketing, EMEA Region, Kinetic Concepts, Inc.)
  • “This is a critical exercise and long overdue.”
    (Martin Graemer, Director Human Resources, EMEA Central Region, Kinetic Concepts, Inc.)

“Andrew is an innovative thinker with global acumen. I highly recommend him for helping a firm navigate through complex change.”

Anuradha Chawla, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant, Talent Management – ManpowerGroup