Building a Sustainable Leadership Pipeline

TalentMinders helps build a sustainable leadership pipeline by designing, building and implementing, in partnership with the client, any of the following.

1. Succession Management and Mobility

When your CEO asks “Who’s next?” Will you know? Succession management is about continually growing and mobilizing talent. It’s about having leaders that are ready today to meet business needs of tomorrow.  Do you have a working succession planning system that will assure you have qualified leaders in place on time to meet tomorrow’s growth challenges?  With TalentMinders, you can be sure that your succession planning platform is the right one for the future.

With TalentMinders as your succession management partner you’ll:

  • Strengthen your existing succession management platform or introduce a new one that better aligns with business needs
  • Link people processes to succession management—where assessment, professional development, career planning and performance management provide key insight into leader candidates
  • Link succession management to business strategies—assuring that succession planning provides the impact you need on business outcomes and growth planning
  • Discover how to actively develop leaders’ skills to embrace tomorrow’s rapidly changing business environment leveraging a myriad of experiential development solutions
  • Learn how to create a culture of accountability for identifying,  developing, mobilizing, retaining and promoting key talent to meet succession and business growth goals

2. Targeted Development Strategies – how to establish and execute a structured and facilitated talent review process that links to business planning and allows for open, frank discussion about readiness of current and emerging talent, development plans,  mobilization strategies and  associated succession metrics?

3. Strategic Talent “Readiness” Reviews – how to develop and execute strategic development plans for rapidly developing high potentials that provide measured growth and readiness to assume higher and more complex roles consistent with succession and business needs?

4. Succession Management Metrics – how to develop and execute relevant succession management metrics that isolate and measure strategic succession parameters that are key to business performance and growth?

5. Leadership Coaching and Mentoring– TalentMinders provides experienced coaches to facilitate personal growth and development of emerging leaders.  Coaching engagements are structured, candidates are held accountable for development and results are measured

6. Cross-Cultural Coaching (USA-Europe-USA) – TalentMinders provides experienced coaches to facilitate transitions and personal impact when working overseas with emphasis on US and European Union nationals

We work alongside all levels of your organization to improve targeted processes and associated management practices.

  • Before embarking on a project, we conduct a detailed analysis  to identify and quantify the potential performance improvement opportunity
  • We translate the identified potential into clear objectives supported by a detailed project plan and compelling business case
  • Using a team-based implementation approach, our focus is firmly on delivering the results required to achieve the objectives agreed
  • Working with our clients’ employees at every level, we align and develop their skills, remove any barriers to change and create employee ownership
  • By providing the client with the tools, skills and behaviors required, we ensure the sustainability of results